How to Wear Men's Designer Clothes

04 Mar 15 - 21:04

Designer clothes are as important for men as they are for women. They should be worn with elegance and splendor to give effect to the passion they are intended for.
Being well-dressed is only a small part but one of the most important parts of your personality. You must take all cares to dress up well if you want to leave a lasting impression on the people around you. You are bound to attract a lot of attention too if you dress-up well according to the times.
Find A Huge Variety Of ...
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Contemporary fashion from Angelos Frentzos

04 Sep 14 - 21:28

The Italian fashion house is one of top two fashion capitals of the world. It homes various talented and knowledgeable designers that keep pace with swiftly changing trends in the Industry.  There is different design lines on which they work like from a chic look to the contemporary to the most barbaric look. They grew up going to the tailor shops, know the basic theme of Italian fashion and accordingly work in line to it. They just work with fine cuts and properly fitted wardrobe. Nowadays...
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17 Jul 14 - 00:02

Menswear designer Domingo Rodriguez graduated from port John Moore's University in 2008 and won the Menswear Award at Graduate Fashion Week. After that he secured the Harold Tillman Scholarship for his MA at London faculty of Fashion. His graduate MA assortment for AW10 was scouted by asos.com for associate exclusive capsule assortment Domingo Rodriguez for Asos’ He later won the Wolf & badger graduate style awards 2010 and his assortment was conferred throughout Paris Fashion week June 2010 ...
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Grunge style hits the stores with storm

14 Jul 14 - 00:37

The pants created in European nation have continually been fashionable among the shoppers owing to their quality and also the level of comfort derived from them. Not solely the jeans however additionally the casual pants are of real interest to the shoppers, as a result of they're the most effective choices to wear within the workplace or different skilled conferences. The casual pants are the largely used workplace outfit across the world. There are totally different varieties of such pant...
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Italian Jackets – stylish and durable

22 Jun 14 - 22:29

Cristian Luppi CL21200 Giacca
Italy has been famous for manufacturing leather products since the time of 1st world war. Italian shoes are known all over the world for their quality and style. Beside shoes, Italian craftsmen have mastered the art of making leather jackets, both for men and women. In this article I shall try and let you know about some of the features that makes Italian leather jackets for women  so especial and why they have such a heavy demand all over the world.

Italian Jackets for Women are availab...
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Women’s knitwear – some of Italy’s best producers

10 Jun 14 - 01:38

Rick Owens Giacchino Punte In Alto
There are many Italian companies who produce stylish and quality knitwear for women.  The quality of their product is being highly appreciated in the global market, and today, Italian companies are one of the leaders in this line of business. Italian Knitwear for Women has huge demand in the global market.
Here are some of the companies, who has made a name for themselves-

Sistema Tessile - Producer of high quality women's knitwear, in a huge variety of excellent sweaters and knitted...
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The dressspace.com has brought forward a variety of denim brands of Italy on their website

28 May 14 - 01:59

The jeans have been the item of demand among the people across the globe. The particular form of pants did derive its name from the French term ‘Blue de genes’ because of the color of fabric used for manufacturing these items. A person, named Giuseppe Garibaldi along with troop consisting of thousands of men was mentioned in the Italian history for wearing pairs of ‘genes’. The particular form became popular among the people right after the movie stars and the rock n roll stars started wear...
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The dressspace.com offers numerous clothing lines of various brands

12 May 14 - 00:05

It has been quite a fantasy for the people to wear designer clothes from different countries and this was just a dream till the last century. But while residing in the 21st century, which is the era of technology, these dreams have transformed into reality, as one can easily get access to the designer clothes by surfing on the Internet. Many online outlets have come forward with vast collections of branded clothing lines that are designed by several designer brands, in order to make it avai...
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Fashionable Rick Owen’s knitwear for sale

28 Mar 14 - 02:15

Rick Owens t-shirtOver the long ancient history of knitting across the world, hundreds of different knitting stitches and patterns have been made. The knitted fabrics are basically categorized into two parts: weft-knit and tricot fabrics. The weft-knit is usually used for the hand knitted sweaters. One of the major drawback related to the weft-knit category is that they usually run when effectively cut. The fabrics known as wrap-knit are used for to design lingerie.

 Rick Owen’s knitwear for sale on branded...
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Disadvantages of wearing unbranded clothes

14 Mar 14 - 22:10

Branded clothes find a healthy rival in unbranded ones and even though the latter is cheaper than the former, it comes with a number of demerits. Clothes which are not branded carry no guarantee of quality. You can never be sure how they will behave once you have bought them and got them home. After the first wash, you may find that it has shrunk to nearly half its original size, or that its fabrics are coming loose. Most women regret buying unbranded merchandise since their shine wears off w...
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