What women want their guys to wear on a date?

10 Feb 14 - 00:30

Being a guy can be tough at times. For every hot girl out there, there are at least 20 male eyes cat on her. For a genuine guy, it can be difficult to get her attention and then try impressing her on an outing. If you do manage to get a date, it becomes nearly a life-saving matter to look your best and get her all interested in you. Some men fail the fashion test and end up attiring themselves in dresses which are either too boring or seriously outdated. Why wear stuffs which even your uncle may hate to wear these days?

For some weird reason, some men still have little sense of fashion. Even though an average male IQ has certainly gone up as far as fashion is concerned, some of them still do not know the difference between a formal meeting and an informal outing. So, they will wear the same thing they wear in their office on their date and vice versa. Going to the college in your sneakers and T-shirt is okay and cool, but it cannot be the best choice of an outfit if you are going for your date. Unless there is something really unique and attractive about them, try to wear full-sleeved shirt.

Believe it or not, girls love it when boys show some maturity and dress up like a man. DressSpace men knitwear collections will introduce you to the latest fashion creations. For those who are dying to get their girls all interested in them, it is time to realize that the way to a girl’s heart is through good clothes. And neat shoes, mind it!

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