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10 Oct 13 - 22:13

Giulio Bondi Painted scarf
Accessories can make or break an outfit; it is a well established fact. Clothes can take you only so far. But if you want to put together a really polished look, then you need to work on every aspect of your outfit and that includes accessories. Most people are of the opinion that a dowdy watch is the only accessory you can wear to work. However, if you look around at different stores online, you will find a whole range of accessories that are fun, affordable and appropriate for the workplace. Sober accessories on muted shades of gold, silver, bronze or neutral colors like nude and black, work well for work. Put on a pair of statement earrings to make an impact at work or if you are not that adventurous; try wearing a fun bracelet to work. A good place to shop is dressspace fashion accessories.

Dressspace fashion accessories offer a wide range of affordable, fun accessories including necklaces, bracelets, earrings and scarves. You can choose a whole lot of accessories to wear to work, on a date or for everyday wear. Any outfit can be made interesting by adding on a quirky statement accessory and now with dressspace fashion accessories you do not even need to shell out a load of money. Moreover, they have a fabulous exchange policy through which you can get a refund on anything you do not like for its full value. Accessories are fun, and dressing up is more enjoyable when you have fun accessories to pair your clothes with.
Nicolas & Mark Scarf

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