Women’s Stylish pieces of clothing that are influenced by the Men fashion Wear

29 Nov 13 - 00:35

If you run through the collections by DressSpace fashion clothes, you won’t help but notice how women’s stylish pieces of clothing are getting inspired by men’s fashion wear. As some of you must know, the line between the two sexes is thinning day by day. Men’s fashion often draws inspiration from women’s fashion and vice versa.

Women’s Jacket is one piece of clothing which has got influenced by men’s fashion. In traditional times, jackets were largely donned by the male brigade. One would hardly associate a jacket or even a large overcoat with a woman. During those times, the females were more into elegant clothing and jacket had that rough manly persona about it. But over the years, special jackets for women wear have flooded the market. Now, top designers work round the year to create ensembles which include women-centric jackets. Of course, since the gap between the two genders is becoming quite redundant, androgynous jackets are also gaining inroads.

Casual pants are also something which is being dished out separately for men and women even though they are inspired from the traditional male trousers. They can be stylish and colorful and are loved by both men and women. There is this chic thing about them and a woman finds it comfortable to slip into them. They owe their origin to men’s fashion though innovations have been introduced over the years to make them much more woman-friendly.

DressSpace fashion clothes collections give you the golden chance to fish for the right blend of elegance and cheekiness. You can start shopping now!


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