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22 Jun 14 - 22:29

Cristian Luppi CL21200 Giacca
Italy has been famous for manufacturing leather products since the time of 1st world war. Italian shoes are known all over the world for their quality and style. Beside shoes, Italian craftsmen have mastered the art of making leather jackets, both for men and women. In this article I shall try and let you know about some of the features that makes Italian leather jackets for women  so especial and why they have such a heavy demand all over the world.

Italian Jackets for Women are available in a variety of colors, they are mainly available in black, brown and dark brown color. These jackets are made of a variety of materials like cotton, leather, shearling and suede. These jackets are available in various sizes and fittings. The most popular among them are the long coats or jackets, which are mostly made of either leather or hard cotton.  These jackets gained heavy popularity in the 1940s and the trend still continues. The reason why these jackets became so popular is because of its style. Italy was the first country to produce such a design.  Italian leather jackets are demanded heavily all over the world and it has been and still remains to be one of Italy’s major export items.

Beside leather jacket, jackets made of cotton are also very popular These jackets are generally available in normal fits, which is upto waist.

There are certain common features about al the Italian Jackets for Women. They have an additional layer of fur which makes them look even more attractive and stylish.
Nicolas & Mark jacket with leather

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